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Miguel Torres Curado
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Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa

Real Estate Appraisal / Avaliação Imobiliária

 ISCTE-IUL - Architecture MSc degree

Code:  02438 
Teaching Language(s):  English 
Semester ECTS Credits Theoretical Lesson (T) Theoretical and Pratical Lesson (TP) Practical and laboratorial lesson (PL) Seminary (S) Field Work (TC) Training Period (E) Tutorial Orientation (OT) Contact Hours Autonomous Work Others (O) Total Load Hours
Contact Hours + Autonomous Work
6.0  0.0 h/sem  36.0 h/sem  0.0 h/sem  0.0 h/sem 0.0 h/sem  0.0 h/sem  1.0 h/sem  37.0 h/sem  113.0 h/sem  0.0 h/sem  150.0 h/sem 
Objectives  Upon completion of the course, students should have a broad understanding of how real estate market dynamics, constrained by the geographic, physical and legal parameters, determines values of individual assets.
Program   1. Introduction & Overview
2. Appraisal Process
3. Market and Property Analysis
4. Sales Comparison Approach
5. Cost Approach
6. Income Approach
7. Reconciliation & Report 
Evaluation Method  Written Exam (60%) + Essay (40%) 
Teaching Method  - Theoretical and practical presentations
- Case studies
Basic Bibliography - Sayce, S at al, "Real Estate Appraisal: From Value to Worth" Blackwell Publishing, 2006, ISBN: 140510001X
- Kahr, J; Thomsett, M, "Real Estate Market Valuation and Analysis" Wiley Finance, 2005 ISBN: 0471655260
Complementar Bibliography - Tavares, F, "Avaliação Imobiliária", Vida Económica, 2013, ISBN 978-972-788-849-8
- Regulamento da CMVM n.º 8/2002 - Fundos de Investimento Imobiliário 
Programa 1. Introdução e Visão Geral
2. O Processo de Avaliação
3. Análise de Mercado e de Propriedades
4. Avaliação por Comparação de Vendas
5. Avaliação por Custo
6. Avaliação por Rendimento
7. Reconciliação & Elaboração de Relatórios